The Divine Life Society has been established

I. To Disseminate Spiritual Knowledge

  • (a) By publication of books, pamphlets and magazines dealing with ancient, oriental and occidental philosophy, religion and medicine in the modern scientific manner, and their distribution on such terms as may appear expedient;
  • (b) By propagating the Name of the Lord, and by holding and arranging spiritual discourses and conferences and frequent Sankirtans (singing the Lords name) or spiritual gathering for singing and glorifying the Name of the Lord;
  • (c) By establishing training centres or societies for the practice of Yoga, for moral and spiritual Sadhanas (spiritual practices) and the revival of true culture, to enable aspirants to achieve regeneration through worship, devotion, wisdom, right action and higher meditation with systematic training in asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing exercise), dharana (concentration), dhyana (meditation) and samadhi (superconscious state); and
  • (d) By doing all such acts and things as may be necessary and conducive to the moral, spiritual and cultural uplift of mankind in general and to the attainment of the above-mentioned objects;

II. To Establish and Run Educational Institutions
On modern lines and on right basic principles and to help deserving students by granting them refundable and non-refundable scholarships for doing research work in the various branches of existing scriptures and comparative religion, as also to train them to disseminate spiritual knowledge in the most effective manner;

  • III. To Help Deserving Orphans and Destitutes
  • By rendering them such assistance as the Society may deem proper, whether in any individual case or in any particular class of cases;
  • IV. To establish and Run Medical Organizations
  • Or any other medical institutions and hospitals or dispensaries for the treatment of diseases and dispensing medicines and performing surgical operations, etc., to the poor in particular and to the other public in general, on such terms and in such manner as may be deemed expedient;
  • V. To Take Such Other Steps from Time to Time

As may be necessary for effecting a quick and effective moral and spiritual regeneration in the world.
The Society was registered as a Trust in the year 1936 and has been actively functioning since then to fulfill the above aims and objects in the world.

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