There is something superior about that individual, and the mantra is received only from a person who has not only achieved a status of spiritual experience and understanding in his own life, but who is also capable of communicating it to you by his power, thought, feeling and will. In a broad sense this is what people call shaktipada. -Swami Krishnananda


Guru upadesa or mantra upadesa, which is called initiation, is considered as very important. It is important in another sense also because the initiation is not merely an external act performed either by the Guru or the disciple in the form of giving or taking, but it is a communication of a power, and the one who initiates you or gives you the mantra is not supposed to be an ordinary person. -Swami Krishnananda


Now, a very important thing in japa sadhana is that the mantra has to be received from a Guru or teacher. It is very important, in the same way that medicine should be taken only from the hand of a doctor. It should not be purchased from a chemist by oneself and be taken. Though this can also be done, it is highly objectionable to treat oneself for a particular disease, as you know very well. You cannot be your own doctor and diagnose yourself. .-Swami Krishnananda


The holy atmosphere that you generate around yourself by being seated only for japa sadhana is an additional factor that contributes to the enhancement of its power and the quickness of the effect that it produces. .-Swami Krishnananda